LTD "Saltums-2"

LTD "Saltums-2" produces ice cream for more than 20 years!

The company has its roots as far back as 1994, when a childhood dream of cold delicacy turned into a business idea..

Our ice creams are available in a wide range of taste variations that can pamper many. Strawberries, cherries, blueberries, black currants, vanilla, banana, chocolate, classic ice cream - these are some of the flavor nuances that occur in our production.

We produce our ice cream from a variety of raw materials, but only from the best ones - we offer milk and cream ice creams

We are also the first in Latvia who began to produce tempting curd and rich butter ice cream!

Refreshing yogurt ice creams and frozen juices - everything is available in our assortment. Ice cream in waffle cups, small and large cones, on stick, in a dish or stuffed in a waffle tube - each choose their favorite type and taste.

We produce also the highest quality ice cream, which is available on our "Zemnieku saldējums" (Farmers' ice cream) line,  made from Latvia's countryside goods - from fresh milk, sweet cream, butter and curd!

"Zemnieku saldējums" basically means Latvia and naturalness. All our ice cream has been awarded with "Zaļā karotīte" ("Green Spoon"), which only confirms its high quality.

We can also be proud of the "Latvijas labums" identity and we are promoting in our country produced products. Ltd. "Saltums-2" offers the opportunity to be ice cream manufacturers, ensuring your trade mark high quality standards. Ltd. "Saltums-2" offers the opportunity to have an ice cream manufacturers, your mark by ensuring high quality standards.

LTD "Saltums-2", Zemnieku saldējums

All "Zemnieku" classic ice cream has been granted the "Green spoon"!